March 23, 2018

Install microsoft office on mac

Install Microsoft Office on Mac

How to Setup Office on Mac?

Follow below steps to install microsoft office on Mac:

Step 1: Go to your Microsoft Account page by clicking on, this will pop up an Office Purchase option on your screen if not purchased already.

Step 2:If you already purchased Office you will be asked to enter office setup product key

Step 3:Click on the install button available below your subscription’s name.

Step 4: You will proceed to next step where you will have ‘install’ option again, Click on the install and move to the next step.

Step 5:Wait until the download is complete.

Step 6: A face-shaped app will appear in your Mac’s Dock, you can find it by opening Finder.

Step 7:Find the folder at the left side of the Finder window and click on the Microsoft Setup folder, Click on the Download option to proceed to next step.

Step 8: Double-click on the office setup file this will [promote to begin the installation process. Try to verify the download before continuing the installation process to avoid any error during set up.

Step 9:Next, you will receive two dialogue boxes with ‘Continue’ button, read and click continue.

Step 10:You will have the T&C page, read and then click ‘Agree’. This will specify that you agree all the Terms & Condition by Microsoft office and only then you will be able to access it,further.

Step 11: Click on ‘Continue’ button on the right side at the bottom of the page. Another pop-up will appear, click on ‘Continue’ again.

Step 12: Read and mark ‘Agree’ on the window, this will indicate that you accept all the T&Cs of Microsoft Office Setup.

Step 13: On the right-bottom of the popped window, you will have a ‘Continue’ button, click on that and follow next step.

Step 14: An ‘Install’ button will appear, click on that and move next.

Step 15: Fill your Mac’s password carefully to log into your Mac.

Step 16: Click ‘Install Software’ which is at the right side on the bottom of the login window. This will start to install Microsoft Office on your system.

Step 17:Next, you will have an installation confirmation with a ‘Close’ button, click on that and end the process.

Your Microsoft Office setup is installed on your Mac and is ready to use. Keep checking for Microsoft Office updates whether you are using the software on Windows, Mac or any other operating system.